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How To Chase The Glow Up

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

It’s easy to look at your peers and compare your life to theirs. Oftentimes, we do it without even thinking. With social media in the forefront of many of our minds, it can feel like a normal thing to casually compare yourself to everyone around you. But this does not have to be your normal. You can choose to put all of your energy into working toward building the life you would like to have right now. Reading this article is step one, so you’re on the right track.

Consider taking a break from aimless social media scrolling. Instead, try posting and closing the app. By doing so, the opinions of others will not consume you and getting likes will become less important. You can use some of the free time toward personal and professional development. Want to learn to paint? Buy paint supplies and get started. Want to run a marathon? Start training. Interested in changing careers? Plan a few informational interviews with people in that field to get inspiration.

We’ve heard from the beginning of time that if we can set our aspirations as high as the stars hang in the sky and if we are consistent and dedicated to our dreams, then we can achieve the impossible. That still applies. #Adulting can cause us to become jaded, but that does not mean we have to remain in that state. Dust off the boredom and glow into your natural lighting---where your glow is coming from within and from the highlight on your cheekbones.

Turn off app notifications. You’ll be less likely to check your apps out of habit and that will lead to more productivity. Every second spent on self-development is a step toward your life goals.

Plan your days. Not only should you have a plan for your work days, plan your leisure time as well. Using your free time in ways that truly make you happy instead of always “going with the flow” will allow you to have fuller days and more memories to share. That does not mean you should stress over every second of your day. The purpose of planning out your leisure time is to have more productive days. You’ll have time for new experiences with people you love. Or maybe you want to have a relaxing day alone. You can still have a plan.

Thinking about an at home spa day? What type of DIY treatments do you want to try? Plan it in advance so your day off will not be filled with buying the supplies for your day of relaxation. You would have gathered supplies in advanced, so now you have the whole day dedicated to pampering yourself. #TreatYoSelf!

A lot of time gets wasted wanting and waiting for a life changing opportunity or a spark that takes us toward our life purpose. Consistently analyzing your life to find your purpose without actively making changes can leave you in an agonizing sedentary state. Your pace is not the same as others pace. We’re all on our own path with different endings. Just get out there and do all of the things that you are even slightly interested in. Maybe you’ll find something you absolutely love that will lead you directly to the end goal that you have in mind. But being a bystander of other people’s exploration will absolutely lead you to stagnation and eventually bitter unfulfillment. Get out there and create the life you want for yourself. You’re the only person who has the power to do that.

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