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How to Conquer Cuffing Season

As the leaves fall and the world turns, an eerie, thick air envelops us. As it approaches, there’s a crunch below its heavy feet. The days are shorter, the darkness is taking over, and everything is dying. Aghhhh!  You may try to run but there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it. Cuffing Season is here!


This cuffing season we are preparing as if it’s the national championship game. No one wants to spend the colder months indoors alone (unless you do, then that’s cool too). So, get on your gear and get ready for warm-ups. We’re putting the Flirting Elevator Pitch into play.


Source: Ethan Barnowsky

Step #1: Put yourself out there

For the introverts in the room, this may be a challenge.  But nothing worth having is easy, eh? Find an activity you enjoy.  Go to a day party. (There’s one on every block in Atlanta.) Have a bonfire and tell everyone to invite someone you don’t know. Regardless of the activity, you want to surround yourself with some unfamiliar, yet attractive faces.  And if you’re doing an activity you enjoy, your confidence will skyrocket. 


Step #2: Wear Red

Red is the color of love, yes.  But it also a bold choice that makes you stand out in a sea full of muted colors. If you don’t have red clothing, wear a red lip. Your future boo will zoom in on your lips. Next thing you know…boom! Fireworks!

Step #3: The Across the Room Flirt

See someone you’d like to know more about? Great! Get in their line of sight.  Look in their direction and attempt to make eye contact.  When eye contact is made, give a sexy smile.  Not like you’re just being polite. No, smile at them as if they’re the last cupcake on earth and you’ve had a cupcake craving for a while. 

Make the eye contact brief and go back to enjoying yourself. Wait a few seconds. Make eye contact again, smile, and look away.  If you look at future bae again and they are looking at you, it’s a wrap.


Use these tips to get the boo you deserve. Tweet me at @laquitabelle to let me know how it went!

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