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H.E.R. Doesn't Disappoint

There’s nothing like a Friday night accompanied by good drinks, better vibes, and soul shifting music. When chords align to make the hairs on your forearms rise and the melodic voice of H.E.R. serenades you without warning, you slip into a state of calm and satisfaction that makes everything feel right.

That is the situation I found myself in as “I Used To Know Her: The Prelude” by H.E.R. slowly and melodically seeped through my speakers. My body transported to her studio and sat on the mixer as the music was being produced. I was a part of the project or at least felt that way as the EP played. Good music has that effect on me.

The first song on the project, “Lost Souls” teleports me to the late 90s. It’s giving me Lauryn Hill vibes and I am loving it until the last drop. It's not only the sound of the music that gets me. It’s not only the melodies—it’s the lyrics as well. “Don’t make me feel a way” H.E.R. croons over a beat that forces you to bob your head. Protest as much as you would like, but I can guarantee you cannot stop your body from reacting naturally to beautiful music.

Voice as creamy as butter pecan ice cream during the hottest day of summer, the project effortlessly flows from one song to the next. My only critique is that it wasn’t long enough. When the last note played, I checked Tidal to make sure it wasn’t buffering. With only 6 tracks, the projects hooks you on a line and throws you back in before you’ve had the chance to be fully consumed and immersed in the movement. If a project leaves you wanting more, then it’s a job well done in the eyes of many. I prefer to feel well fed by the end of a musical project. I am left with the EP on repeat to get the fill I desire. It's a win for H.E.R. on all fronts.


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