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Top 5 Podcasts For Adulting as A Black Woman

If you know me, then you know no topic is off limits. My podcast selection is no different. From keeping up with black American pop culture to learning more about sexuality and womanism to becoming one with God and the universe -- podcasts are my go-to for information, self-improvement, and entertainment.

I listen to podcasts while I'm driving, relaxing, and working out. I love the convenience of multi-tasking while learning. Here are my top 5 podcasts for adulting as a black woman.


#1 Small Doses with Amanda Seals: Amanda Seals is your smart, funny best friend. On the Small Doses podcast, she tackles difficult topics that every black woman has experienced in a witty, creative way. Amanda’s range and depth on a variety of topics from self-awareness to sexual harassment are unmatched. With a relatable, cheekiness, her pop culture commentary captures the voice of truth-telling from a unique perspective.


#2 Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations: Oprah (no last name needed) pulls on every emotional fiber in your body by interviewing best-selling authors, wellness experts, and spiritual leaders whose life mission is to uplift and inspire the world. Through thought-provoking discussions, Oprah has a fresh approach to exploring the meaning of life and the importance of walking in your purpose with each episode.


#3 The Read: Crissle and Kid Fury critiques black pop culture, @theshaderoom’s finest, mental health issues, and politics as it relates to queer, black people in America. Even if you’re as straight and non-black as a q-tip, you’ll be able to find more than a few hearty laughs erupting from your mouth while listening to this podcast. The pair passionately vents about everything they love and hate without a filter.


#4 VagEsteem Podcast: Vanessa Geffrard examines black sexuality and the freedom to express sexuality as a black woman. Vanessa discusses an array of sex topics—open relationships, celibacy, and everything in between—openly and unapologetically. Sex education should not end after the 5th grade; it should continue into adulthood. Vanessa discusses the importance of having sex conversations even if you’ve been married for a thousand years and Jesus is your husband. Sex is an important part of most adults lives, so if you’re shy about talking about sex, listen to VagEsteem so you can hear someone else talk about having a fulfilling sex life.


#5 The Clever Girl Knows: Even if you’re unsure about your desire to have children, leaving a legacy through generational wealth is still a priority for you. Bola Sokunbi’s podcast teaches black women how to get out of debt, put those student loans in the past, finance a business, and invest funds. Many of us did not learn anything about finances other than balancing a checkbook, opening a savings account, having good credit, and simply paying bills—there is so much more to learn out here. The Clever Girl podcast teaches you to hustle with financial peace of mind to loosen the anxiety that creeps into your chest when your pocketbook and spending habits are analyzed.

Let me know what podcasts you are listening to in the comment section below.


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